Source language: English, Norwegian, German – into Swedish
Source language: Swedish – into English

I work with a subtitling company, and with various companies in need of translation services.

When you contact me
When a client has submitted a text for translation I evaluate the text in order to determine the level of difficulty of the project, and how much research is needed to produce an excellent result. If the terminology is particularly difficult the price will be higher. I will send a price quotation and suggested date of delivery.

Once we have agreed on price and delivery date I will start my work.

Quality guaranteed
My aim is to reproduce the source material as if it had been written in the target language to begin with. The translation must have the flow of a well written source text. This requires far more than a word-by-word translation.
Producing a high quality translation is time consuming creative work which can never be performed by a translation tool.
My work is not done until my client is happy.

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